SOCAGE, located in the province of Modena, Italy, is a well-known manufacturer in the truck mount market born in 1974. In 1980, the company was marked with one of the first aerial platforms produced in Italy with Serial Number 1. For more than 40 past years,  Socage’s high-quality products are distinguished as technologically advanced, taking advantage of the evolution of the components to stand out in the market as high-performance, reliable, and easy-to-use platforms. 

1 – What’s a Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform?

A Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform, also known as Skylift, Cherry PickerBucket truck or Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. The usual configuration is:

Socage Aerial part :

Subframe + Stabilizers/Outriggers :

Chassis/Truck :

2 – How many types of Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms exist?

The most common MEWP in the market can be divided in:

  • Telescopic: This type is the easiest, most robust, and the most sold Skylift. Has great performance but, because of its length, it has to be mounted on long-wheelbase chassis with HE+HE stabilizers type. (H+H Over 5T GVW).

  • Articulated: Articulated units, from the 10A to 16A, are perfect for compact configurations and, because of their lightweight, lend themselves to be mounted on pick-ups or even Agricultural Tractors. Designed to be easy to use, easy to install, and hassle-free.

  • Double Articulated: The Double Articulated model has been designed to give high flexibility to the end-user. The DA unit can reach positions that Telescopic or Articulated models cannot reach.

  • Telescopic with Jib or with Double Jib Series: The TJ/TJJ represents the premium range where performances and advanced engineering produces a machine that can overcome any obstacle and can reach up to 100m height. Because of its complexity, it’s the only series that has to be bought completely mounted on European Chassis.

3 – How many types of Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms does Socage has?

Up to date, Socage has two Series Available in its Portfolio: “3 series” and “E series”.

The “3 series” models are the most common units in Asia and they come with fully hydraulic controls and fewer possible accessories. Cheap, easy to use, mount, and maintain. Those units are perfect for heavy configuration (over 4Ton GVW Chassis) but have fewer electronics.

The models are:

Articulated: 10A ; 12A

Telescopic: T315 ; T318 ; T320; 22T (min 9Ton GVW) ; 28T (min 9Ton GVW)

Double Articulated: DA320 ; DA324 ; DA328 (min 6Ton GVW)

Telescopic with Jib: 35TJ ; 39TJJ ; 44TJ ; 47TJJ ; 54TJJ ; 75TJJ ; 100TJJ (min 18Ton GVW)

The “E series” is the evolution of the “3 series” and is made to be extremely light and highly customizable. This Series is slowly replacing completely the “3 Series” and comes with the SPEED Version which allows stabilizing in every condition independently from the slope, doing extremely smooth multiple simultaneous movements, and having more payload on the basket.

The “E series models” are:

Articulated: 14A (no Speed version) ; 16A

Telescopic: 14T ; 15T ; 18T ; 20T ; 20TJ ; 23T ; 12VT ; 15VTJ

Double Articulated: 20D ; 21DJ ; 24D ; 27D ; 28DA (no Speed Version) ; 28DA (min 7Ton GVW) ; 32DJ (min 7.5Ton GVW) ; 37DJ (min 10Ton GVW)

4 – What kind of solutions does Socage offer to its clients in the Philippines?

For the Philippines market, the 2 best solutions are Kit or Kit + Subframe.

The Kit version includes an Aerial part, stabilizers (based on the final configuration), basket, and accessories.

Kit + Subframe includes all the Kit plus the subframe.

For any TJ/TJJ, Socage only provides the complete unit on European Chassis.

5 – What SPEED version means for a Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform?

The SPEED version is a new type of configuration that only SOCAGE provides on the new E Series extremely easy to use, fast and reliable. It allows to Stabilize automatically on any slope by just pressing a button and automatically returning to transport position with a single click.

6 – What’s the main advantage between a Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform and a self-propelled AWP?

Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms are getting very popular between rentals and governance companies mainly due to their mobility and their wide possibility of customization.

Normally, self-propelled are ideal for long rentals such as construction sites or indoor usage meanwhile, Truck Mount Aerial Work Platforms, are used for general maintenance, installations, gardening, and under-bridges inspections (TJJ), as well as rescue operations.

Self-propelled units are quite heavy and they need to be transported with special transport vehicles, unloaded in the working area, and reloaded into the transport vehicle. This process is quite expensive and time-consuming.

7 – What kind of Special Platform Socage is able to provide?

Socage has an important technical department and productive capacity to design special accessories according to the specific needs of each user in the military, firefighters, sanitary, other special…

Constantly developing and upgrading Insulated models which can reach up to 18m with a max 69Kv Insulation and FireFighting units (28FF-34TJFF-42TJFF-56TJFF). Those are very special projects and need to be analyzed by Socage every time.

8 – What applications Socage are able to provide?
– Metro Rail Construction
– Pre Engineering Building
– Construction and Building Maintenance
– Safety Inspections
– Window Washing/Repair
– Orchard Work
– Electrical Line Repair
– Tree Care Work
– Facade Cleaning Work
– Special Event and Entertainment Work
– Sporting Events
– Roller Coaster Repair and Maintenance
– Indoor Retail Areas and Warehouses
– Bridge Work
– Pillars Maintenance Work
– Airport Maintenance
– Sports Club Renovation
9 – Benefits of Socage’s Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platforms (MEWPs) Usage?
  • Economical: Perfect to work at multiple locations on the same day without extra transport costs.
  • Ease to everyone: MEWPs are easy to manoeuvre; thanks to a training course, workers can quickly learn how to seamlessly manoeuvre a MEWP in various work environments.
  • Easy to Operate: A MEWP generally requires only one operator who can quickly set up and start using the machine.
  • Versatility: MEWPs can be used for a broad array of applications.
  • Mayon Machinery has been dealing with the MEWPs market for over 8 years in the Philippines. The professionalism acquired over the years allows us to propose the right vehicle for each specific customer need. Feel free to contact us today for the best pricing and professional after-sales services as the official dealer in the Philippines.