Cranes for Rent

Our crane rental fleet features a wide variety of makes and models with different hook heights, jib lengths, and capacities, from mobile cranes to crawler cranes suitable for heavy lifting tasks at construction sites, thermal power plants, refinery plants, wind farms, and more. 

All-Terrain Crane (100T-400T)

Crawler Crane (2.8T-750T)

Rough Terrain Crane (25T-70T)

Truck Crane (160T-360T)


A suction drum weighing 310 tons was successfully unloaded at the Ilijan LNG Import Facility Construction Job Site using our LIEBHERR LR1750.


FAQs About Cranes
How much does it cost to rent a crane?

The cost of crane rentals will vary depending on the size of the crane, location, and duration of the rental. To receive a quote, tell us more details about your project and scope of work.


What are the benefits of renting cranes from Mayon Machinery?

An obvious benefit of renting a crane from a reliable crane rental company like Mayon Machinery is avoiding the huge upfront costs of buying a crane as well as storage, training, maintenance, inspection, repair, and yearly insurance costs certainly charged afterward. With a wide range of cranes from our mother company in Japan, our experienced team ensures you find the right crane that best matches your needs for any job. What’s more, at our crane services, we don’t just offer the crane itself but also provide highly trained operators and a technical team to guarantee flawless crane operation and timely completion of your project.

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