Truck Crane for Rental

Truck crane, also known as truck mounted crane is a highly versatile fully hydraulic truck crane that is ideally suited to heavy lifting jobs and other work entailed in the construction of increasingly large-scale and high-rise buildings, harbors, bridges, industrial plants, etc. Its long boom reaches and performs greater when working at height, over obstructions, or at a short radius. Their main boom can install unique luffing and heavy-lift jib making it possible to luff at infinitely variable positions between 10 degrees to 60 degrees, whilst derrick basic boom at the same time. The facilitates work at close quarters on restricted sites, as well as giving height and remote operation capabilities.


How much can a truck crane lift?

Our hydraulic truck crane fleet has rated lift capacities ranging from 160 to 360 tons available here in the Philippines for rental. Unlike other types of lifting mechanisms on a construction site, extremely heavy loads can be lifted higher and further with a truck crane easily due to the important hydraulic and hoisting systems equipped. If you’re looking for hydraulic truck crane rentals near you, only Mayon Machinery is able to offer you. Explore more about our crane equipment today!


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