AIRMAN is a trademark of Hokuetsu Industries founded in 1938, in Japan. The company has constantly developed new products that are designed to be environmentally friendly, minimizing energy usage and bringing new value to society and industry.

With a track record of “Clean Air” energy innovation, Hokuetsu Industries is known for its high-quality products that combine air, electronic, and hydraulic pressure technology. Always striving to adapt to the new era, Hokuetsu Industries has contributed massively to the development of society and major industries.

Mayon Machinery has worked closely with Hokuetsu Industries to fulfill your needs as customers, offering a wide range of high-quality AIRMAN products such as portable diesel compressors, diesel generators, and scissor lifters across the Philippines. Especially, for those inquiries from Japan ODA projects or/and from Japanese General Contractors and Local companies which HOKUETSU grabs and understands.


A portable air compressor is an essential tool for building and construction sites as it supplies compressed air to power heavy tools. As it is portable, it is ideal for outdoors and if your work requires moving around various job sites.

Airman Portable Diesel Compressor Lineup

The engine generator is a useful, versatile machine that supplies electric power when electricity is unavailable, where power is needed temporarily or simply to power tools at construction sites. It can reduce downtime or boost higher performance to equipment.

Airman Diesel Generator Lineup

All of our scissor lift models have advanced safety functions and feature a compact design. If you are looking for safer, smaller equipment, this is the best solution for you.

Wheel-type ENTL Series is easy to operate and transport, helping you become more efficient than ever in all of your service and maintenance work. Meanwhile, the crawler-type ENCL Series lets you easily spin and make pivot turns on job sites, helping you to complete all of your construction work, interior finishing, and maintenance activities without the need for scaffolding in confined and restrictive spaces. You also can move easily by manpower, and elevate by electrical power with hand-push type ENHL Series. They’re lightweight and compact possibility to pass the door and load it on an elevator, helping your tasks such as product delivery, lighting change, POP pasting at the shopping center, apartment interior construction, and instruments wiring at the facility easily.


For more than 80 years, they have been producing and selling renowned, top-quality products


AIRMAN is one of the top brand manufacturers in Japan with the capability to independently perform all steps from development to production and sales of air-ends.


AIRMAN is dedicated to developing our products with the best environmentally-friendly technology.