ALMAC an Italian self-levelling tracked aerial lift manufacturer which was started in 2013 offers a wide range of crawler scissor lifts, crawler boom lift, and crawler carrier designed to be used in many sectors, from construction to rental, up to maintenance. 

Almac’s products lineup

Almac’s range of scissor lift is mainly split into two different families:

 • BL (Bi-Levelling) Series: with Patented undercarriage and automatic stabilization – opportunity to work until 20 degrees longitudinal and 15 degrees lateral

• HE (Stabilized) Series: 4 automatic stabilizers, compact dimension and double and reduced stabilization area – opportunity to work on slopes until 20 degrees.

They are great ideal for challenging terrain and slopes.

Almac’s crawler scissor lift in narrow places, power station maintenance, external building maintenance, tree pruning, working inside museum/historical building/industrial and civil warehouse applications
Almac’s crawler boom lift in shopping malls, construction, electrical work, servicing skylights, cleaning windows, and doing fire system maintenance applications
Almac’s crawler carrier in forest green & landscape maintenance, logistics delivery, material handling applications
  • They are machines for outdoors but could be used for indoor as well thanks to electric motors fitted on.
  • Thanks to a compact size and weight light, they should work where many other machines cannot arrive, have and make easy the transport.
  • They can work in all uneven ground and rough terrain or any kind of slopes until 20 degrees longitudinal/ 15 degrees lateral.
  • Working in narrow or difficult access areas with a large of 0.8m till 1.3-1.5m for bi-levelling versions.
  • Many applications just for one machine.
  • Working inside museum/historical building/industrial/forest and civil warehouses.


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