HE LINE (Tracked Lifts with Stabilizers)

The HE LINE range of lifts now proposes only BIBI 850-HE, capable to reach up to 8 meters working height. We will of course maintain dedicated availability on parts and components of the models’ BIBI 1270-HE LIGHT & BIBI 1470-HE LIGHT, in order to grant the traditional level of service support and availability for the agreed warranty’s terms and years to come.

The BIBI 850-HE has been equipped with 4 independent automatic stabilizers that allow the machine instant stabilization, a very special feature, as well as unique user-friendliness. Its compactness (80 cm in width and less than 2 meters in height – when machine devices are retracted ) also ensures rapid movements facilitating work activities in tight spaces (max 1,25 m workspace). On the other hand, there are two possibilities for working at height: on tracks up to 6m in height with a maximum slope of +/- 2 ° or on the four stabilizers up to 8m working height and maximum slope of 24 °. The cabin, finally, is extensible from 0.8 m x 2.21 m, is completely foldable, and has a capacity of 250 kg (2 operators). Moreover, you can choose gasoline as a standard main power or diesel as optional, offering considerable advantages in shipbuilding, construction, power station, restoration, and maintenance.



BL LINE (Tracked Lifts with Bi-leveling Technology)

The range of Building Line machines grows in height. From today the 850, 870, and 1090 versions are available and able to reach important working heights of 8 to 10 meters respectively necessary in the building, construction, and exterior and interior maintenance sectors.

The engines available are petrol engine with the “cost-effective” electronically controlled Honda engines, diesel engines with compact single-cylinder Hatz engines, or the most performing Kubota Z482 (Z602) engine that combines a significant power with a low level of noise and fumes. Not least the Hybrid (Bi-Energy) version with lithium cell batteries for jobs where electric mobility is required.

Why should you choose it?
  • Large work area (250 kg capacity and 2 operators)
  • Great stability even at high altitude
  • High maneuverability in all space conditions
  • Ability to work on steep terrain or uneven surfaces
  • Overcoming slopes up to 20° longitudinally and 15° laterally
  • Remote use via a radio frequency remote control
  • Maximum performance in both outdoor and indoor operations
  • Reduced noise and smoke emission engine
  • Ability to operate in indoor environments by taking advantage of the Lithium batteries’ autonomy
  • Long duration of use by using the electric engine
What are the available options?
  • Direction Control: This is the auxiliary steering control. For example, while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and backward.
  • Easy Drive: This is the auxiliary traction control. For example, while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotation.
  • Dynamic Leveling: Automatic leveling system of the basket with stowed machine in motion, is always keeps the left and right sides of the basket horizontal on slopes and rough terrain (with an ON / OFF switch).
  • Pro-Active Leveling: Automatic alignment during working operations (all conditions).
  • Automatic Leveling: A system that automatically keeps the basket level when the machine is stopped.
  • Hand Pump
  • Honda iGX390 – Gasoline
  • Electric Pump 220V – 2,2kW
  • Non-Marking Crawlers
  • Foot Switch Kit