The Multi-Loader Line, tracked carriers with patented Bi-Leveling technology, is able to transport and keep the load safely horizontal even when moving on uneven or sloped terrain up to 20°.

The range offers three versions with various power options (diesel engine, full electric, bi-energy) capable of carrying up to a maximum of 6,000 kg providing full versatility of use both in external and internal environments.

What are the advantages of Multi Loader?

Crawler traction and low-ground pressure:

The unique Bi-Levelling crawler traction allows the carrier to operate on all different types of terrain, ensuring maximum maneuverability and precision even in the narrowest spaces, with the minimum ground pressure.

Dynamic Levelling:

The levelling of the load-deck is completely automatic when using the Dynamic Levelling System even on slopes or uneven surfaces.
Multi-Loader can overcome both longitudinal slopes until 20° (40%) and lateral slopes until 25° at the same time, always ensuring the absolute integrity of the load being carried.

Multi Loader Applications