Mayon Machinery offers a wide range of services from onsite specialty solutions such as repair, maintenance, training courses… to online management tools – the connected machine which is optimum monitoring designed to be convenient and cost-effective. Our Customer Service Center is ready 24/7/365 to address any issues with your equipment. Contact us now to get the immediate service you need.

Our services

Repair Supplying

Getting to solve your problems fastest way

Maintenance Supplying

Providing maintenance service for machines under warranties as well as required

Spare Parts Supplying

Keep your machines running with the best spare parts at our yard

Operation and Safety Training

Training for the operators to operate the machine and how to work safety at workplace

Technical Consulting

Assisting the solutions for trouble-shooting technical difficulties

Management Consulting

Helping organization to solve issues create value and improve your business

Market Sectors


We’ve been on the job with partners in the construction industry for over 60 years in Japan and more than 8 years in the Philippines. Today, all construction specialists such as masons, roofers, specialists in metal structures and carpentry, professionals in siding, insulation, demolition, tunneling, experts in renovation and restoration of monuments… rely on the performance of our equipment to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Whatever your project needs, we have the solution. Whether you want to rent or purchase cranes, aerial platforms, telehandlers, forklifts, and so on. Our total package of services includes maintenance, OEM spare parts, and training on operations and safety of all our equipment. 

All our equipment is inspected prior to each delivery and certified according to local regulations. 


We have more than 100 different types of products that consists of a wide range of boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts, forklifts, and so on providing everything your industrial needs from standard product to fully optional.


As per HSE, there are many examples within the cleaning industry of accidents involving working at height, for example: whilst working on stepladders, overstretching from ladders whilst window cleaning, standing on benches or chairs to clean high surfaces. With our broad selection of machines, we provide solutions for all types of cleaning operations at height.


Experience our scissor lifts for installing and maintaining pipeline systems safely, steadily, and operability comfortably delivered through optimized design. Our fleet ranges from 8m to 18m of working height are clean, quiet, fume-free operation for indoors or out.


Reaching the highest recesses of hangars or terminals, either for maintenance or new construction, is simple with telescopic boom lifts.

Areas on the aircraft that were once elusive are now easily in reach – underwings, around cowlings, above the fuselage, even up to the tail. Articulating boom lifts reach up, over, down, and under to allow you to inspect, clean, or maintain anything, anywhere. Whether on the aircraft or in the hangar.

Take everything you need – personnel, tools, and parts – to the places you need them with electric scissor lifts. They provide the height and platform capacity to help you get the job done, and the maneuverability to get you there.

Light-duty jobs in tight spaces are perfect jobs for vertical lifts. If you need to reach higher up to 40m, spider lifts are the right choice to help you work in limited floor load capacity or sensitive floor types. They offer the maneuverability and flexibility to handle everything from general contracting work in and around hangars to building maintenance and support inside terminals.


You need to build your infrastructures in shorter times and often in harsh mining environments? All-terrain masted forklift 1.8 to 7 t, rotating telescopic forklifts (lifting height up to 34.7 m), heavy load telehandlers from 9 to 33 t with attachments: tires and cylinder handlers, cable reel handlers, jibs and winch access platforms for safe handling…, backhoes and more can be the solution suiting every step of mine site life! Combining performance and versatility, we will offer you the mining equipment that increases the productivity of all your mining sites.

Logistic & Storage

Logistics, warehousing, and storage require suitable, simple, and reliable means for loads of 10 kg to 3 or 4 t. These operations have to be carried out in full safety. Whether you are transporting freight, raising loads, or carrying out maintenance in warehouses, we offer solutions tailored to your type of work activity. If you are working in narrow aisles, we will supply a narrower aerial work platform with vertical reach. We supply a full range of electric, diesel, or bi-energy machines such as masted industrial forklifts (MI/ME), MSI, and M-type forklifts to telehandlers if you need to make the daily operations of loading and unloading. To ensure clean air is maintained when working indoors, you can select electric machines. We also provide training for the operators to ensure safety and efficiency on site.


We provide a range of equipment specifically designed for all types of events such as festivals, music concerts, cultural, institutional, corporate, political events, and entertainment needs. Choose from our lineup of cranes, aerial work platforms including scissors, booms, vertical lifts, and spider lifts, telehandlers, lighting towers, generators, and all other essential equipment to get exactly what you need. Whether there is the need to set up a stage, do the logistical movement of equipment, build up temporary structures for spectator villages, or filming/broadcast a race, we have the resources, experience, and equipment to support you in making your event a success.


For the energy industry including renewables (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wave/tidal) electricity transmission, distribution, and nuclear, alongside traditional coal, oil, and gas, the lifting equipment used has to withstand the harsh installation environment i.e. near the sea or on mountain tops. In order to meet the challenge confronted, we can provide a complete heavy lifting equipment solution such as cranes, telehandlers, skid loaders, and so on for customers in this industry segment. With extensive experience in providing solutions for customers within the energy industry from oversea, we are always ready to take on the challenge!


To deliver equipment solutions for Defense that help accomplish the most challenging tasks for warehousing storage, building construction & maintenance, aeronautical maintenance and operation & logistics, we shall introduce you the best 5 sellers of rough terrain from Manitou: M-X 50, MLT-X 625 (H) to unload container, MT-X 1440 construction & AWP, MLT-X 960 to unload 1.5 pallet in 20ft container, MHT-X 10200 to transport load 15T container.


Truck-mounted aerial work platforms are used to maintain and install overhead telecommunication networks and the most common brand is Italy-based Socage. The most popular model for the telecommunication sector we see is 15m (ForSte 15T SPEED) – 20m (ForSte 20TJ SPEED) – 75m (ForSte 75TJJ) in common telecommunication towers nationwide. Telecom workers need a wide range of fall protection equipment. Socage’s truck-mounted platforms won’t ever let you down with different types of aerial platforms using safety devices in order to fulfill the needs of clients.


Turn your AWPs into an integrated work tool with accessories especially for shipbuilding to increase your productivity, conserve platform space and improve working conditions whether you use it in drydock or in workshop.

Dust, sand and debris can create damage to your equipment. Protect your lift and extend its life with the Hostile Environment Kit, which includes boom wipes, cylinder bellows, and console cover.

Most boom lifts can be equipped with Steel hoods, providing the Boom’s Power Train components with Superior Protection from harsh working conditions and the elements.

With a Miller welder tucked into the platform, space is conserved while providing stick and TIG capability. This eliminates potentially dangerous leads hanging over the rails and the unnecessary cost of a stand-alone welder and power supply.

Eliminating the danger of tanks and draping hoses, an on-board Miller plasma cutter cuts faster and cleaner.

An on-board air compressor increases productivity by reducing the risks, costs and hassles of tethering to a separate ground base compressor.

Tree Care

Whether in well-kept gardens with lawned areas or in robust forestry operations: Working in tree care requires a very mobile and universally applicable tool, which does not have to stop at the garden gate. Taking care of parks and gardens provide special challenges on technology for working at height. Lawns, pathways, and sensitive grounds must not be damaged when trimming trees. Safe work at great heights and good access without saying. We can offer you the ultimate solution from AlmaCrawler for crawler scissor lift of 8m & 10m working height and crawler boom lift of 12m & 16m working height or Teupen’s spider lifts with a wide range from 12m to 50 m working height that suitable for your job.


Bring concrete solutions to professionals in the fields of materials recovery and water treatment, we offer you the suitable machines and accessories for handling all kinds of neutral or hazardous waste: plastics, glass, chemicals, inert waste, vegetable waste, and so on efficiently and safely, even in dusty or aggressive environments. Manitou’s Telescopic forklifts MLT-X & MHT-X and MSI and MC forklifts are particularly adapted to the activities of sorting platforms and waste recovery centers. These machines enable you to optimize storage operations. Depending on your needs, choose small, compact, and maneuverable machines such as the MSI or MI range to collect bales of paper or cardboard or larger machines to move large volumes of material.


Skid loaders, track loaders, compact excavators, and backhoes are absolutely vital machines in the earthmoving sector. They can perform the tasks more safely with lower cost and higher efficiency. Gain maximum productivity by pairing your machines with a variety of attachments that are versatile, fully tested, and ready for the job.


Why should I choose Mayon for our equipment services?

With over 8 years of experience in the rental business in the Philippines and over 60 years in Japan market, our knowledgeable staffs are happy to help you solve your concerns effectively. 

Is your services covered Asia?

It is a long-established year fact that we’re based in Japan for over 60 years. Our affiliate companies are in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand able to support you if needed.

How can I ask the details of services?

Please mail us at for the details.

What do i need to get your tailor service?

All you need is to inform us of your required service. We will consult you on the service that meets your needs.

Is there any free of charge service?

Yes. We will provide free of charge for operation training whether you rent or purchase our equipment.


You can check the details on our careers for job openings currently.

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