Scissor Lift for Rental 

When you need to lift people and heavy materials or various tools to elevated areas vertically, renting a scissor lift is a great option. Scissor lifts provide a safe and efficient way to access areas that would otherwise be difficult and unsafe to reach with a ladder or scaffolding. This type of equipment is particularly useful in construction, maintenance, and other industrial settings where workers need to perform tasks at height. Scissor lifts come in various models and sizes, powered by either hydraulics, diesel, or electricity, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This versatility makes it the most appropriate scissor lift to meet your specific needs.

FAQs About Scissor Lift Rental
How much does it cost to rent a scissor lift?
Generally speaking, the rental rates vary in price, depending on the height and weight capacity needed in single unit or package units on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that includes or excludes the operator.
What are the advantages of renting a scissor lift from Mayon Machinery?
  • Larger Platform – Scissor lifts are awesome for jobs requiring multiple workers to work at an elevated level. The size of the platform tends to be much larger than with other types of aerial lifts.
  • Cheaper – Scissor lifts are significantly less expensive than boom lifts, making it cheaper to rent a scissor lift.
  • Variety of Choice – Our fleet of well-maintained scissor lifts ranges from 8m to 18m of working height, allowing for quick adaptation to various job requirements.
  • Rent only when you need them – When you choose to rent a scissor lift, you don’t have to worry about storing it after use. Renting helps you save on costs, as you only pay for the machines when you need them. This is a cost-efficient way of reducing waste, particularly if you don’t require scissor lifts for most of your jobs.
  • Access to the latest technology – Rental companies like Mayon Machinery usually have the latest technology scissor lifts in stock. By renting, you can use these modern lifts on your worksite, offering additional safety features and improved efficiency for your crew, thereby ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted progress of your work.
  • No maintenance costs – The decision to rent equipment can offer a range of benefits, including the absence of maintenance-related concerns. Rental companies take on the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance, while also addressing any equipment malfunctions that may occur on the job site. With a reputable rental company like Mayon Machinery, the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged machinery is usually included in the signed contract, which includes maintenance at no additional cost to the customer.
Browse our selection of rental scissor lifts below. If you have any questions, please contact our team to consult the most suitable machine for your job requirements across the Philippines.

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