Telehandlers for Rental

Manitou telehandlers represent an excellent compromise for customers who are constrained by cramped environments and are looking for performance and versatility in material handling tasks. The ideal offer to cover your sites from «A to Z», with fixed and/or rotating telehandler types, being able to work up to 35m, and a max lift capacity of 33 tons. Rotating type MRT-X allows you to handle heavy or bulky loads through 360 degrees with total freedom of movement. In addition, the wide range of Manitou attachments brings more versatility and effectiveness to your single machine depending on your applications. 

When it comes to selecting the appropriate telehandlers and attachments to suit specific jobsite requirements, Mayon Machinery is the right place to go. Whether you are seeking to rent or purchase new or used equipment, Mayon Machinery provides a range of options to cater to your needs throughout the Philippines. Our team of experienced experts is on hand to help you choose the best-suited equipment to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency on your site. Please do not hesitate to call us today for all your telehandler and attachment needs.


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