MEWPs Effect On The Philippines Rental Market

Before MEWP’s (AWP), scaffolding was the main form of a solution on a work site in the construction, petrochemical and industrial sectors when working at height. Today, the rise of new and cutting-edge technology is advancing construction equipment more modern and safety, enabling better quality work, along with timely completion of projects.

MEWPs have a number of advantages over scaffolding systems:

    • A self-propelled MEWP can be driven to the worksite to begin work. Scaffolding must be manually transported to the worksite after curbside delivery and may require coordination with a third party that specializes in the erecting/dismantling of scaffolding systems.
    • MEWPs allow for most jobs to be completed in the same or less time, with fewer workers than scaffolding requires. The less time the workers have to spend assembling, climbing up while carrying tools/supplies and navigating around scaffolding, the more time, energy and productivity is focused on getting the actual project done.
    • MEWPs are highly maneuverable and can reach restricted areas efficiently where scaffolding simply can’t get to.
    • MEWPs provide guardrail systems which are meant to support fall protection measures and differ from scaffolding in that it provides the safety that moves with the operator/occupants.
    • A major benefit of self-propelled lift is their ability to work every terrain and job site but not scaffolding.

Therefore, MEWPs are the cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to consider making the switch such traditional methods.

“What happens if the machine stops working? Will they fail to deliver the machine at the expense of my construction project? What about after-sales services?”. Those questions are the customer’s concerns and MAYON assured to offer 24/7 support throughout the entire rental/sales process.


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