Rough Terrain Crane for Rental

A rough terrain crane, also called an off-road crane, a mobile crane, or a rafter crane is mounted on a four-wheeled undercarriage for working on uneven surface sites. The wider wheels and the base are to boost the crane’s stability, and the taller wheels are to increase ground clearance over rugged terrain. Hoist and transport materials from 25 to 70 tons to where you need them on the job site with our rough terrain cranes rental for all types of off-road applications and rugged terrain conditions. Whether you are in any location in the Philippines such as Luzon, the Visayas, or the Mindanao Islands, our well-maintained mobile cranes will perform at peak levels and every time to meet your lifting requirements.


Choosing a Rough Terrain Crane or an All-Terrain Crane?


  • All-terrain crane can safely travel on public roads, including highways while rough-terrain crane needs to be transported to a job site on a trailer.
  • All-terrain crane has more outstanding lifting capabilities. It is easy to realize an all-terrain crane, as it’s often equipped with a few extra sets of wheels to increase mobility on the worksite. Its wider cabins have two built-in engines making it a bit heavier providing more excellent stability when performing a lift. It also has the ability to add attachments like luffer jibs, and super luffering, providing greater reach and capacity.
  • A rough terrain crane is lighter, so it has a more limited lifting ability when compared to an all-terrain crane.
  • Rough terrain cranes can operate with less site preparation due to their off-road-focused design.


Both types obtain excellent maneuverability, even in snow, mud, and other challenging conditions.

When choosing between an all-terrain or rough-terrain crane, should keep these factors in mind:

  • Load weight
  • Necessary boom height
  • Terrain difficulty
  • The cost of transporting


Still not sure what type of crane is best for your job? Wondering why you should rent a mobile crane? Making the right choice is essential to keeping your project on track and within budget. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Mayon Machinery will help you choose the right crane equipment.


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