Supplying Large Cranes for the Philippines’ First Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project in Barangay Ilijan

As the country is transitioning to cleaner energy sources such as natural gas, the Department of Energy (DOE) has crafted the Natural Gas Roadmap to establish a world-class, investment-driven, and efficient natural gas industry to make it the preferred fuel for end-use subsectors. The Ilijan LNG Import Facility Project located in Barangay Ilijan, Batangas City, Batangas from Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific International Holdings (AG&P), together with Linseed Field Power Corp., is in line with this goal which is to supply clean and reliable liquefied natural gas to the adjacent Kepco Power Plant and to other industries (through future expansion). In doing this, the Project will contribute to the national economy, improve the quality of life of the people and meet the projected need for power in the Luzon grid.

Looking to bring in liquefied natural gas (LNG) “for the first time” to the Philippines, this LNG terminal is currently building with a great quantity of heavy equipment to aim for its commission this December.

Mayon Machinery (MMRI) has participated in this LNG project as playing a partner of Joel Chavez Equipment Rentals Corporation in supplying large cranes such as 750t Crawler Crane, 160t Truck Crane, 100t All-Terrain Crane, 70t Rough Terrain Crane.

750t Crawler Crane LIEBHERR LR1750 in lifting marine jacket drop off to the seaside
160t TC KATO NK1600 & 100t ATC TADANO GA-1000N in lifting activities
70t RTC Kato KR70H during installation of structural materials at smoke stack lay down area

We’re excited that this partnership is helping create opportunities to build a strong partnership and remark both company names in the Philippines Equipment Rental & Sale Market unlock the power of its heavy equipment capabilities as a one-stop shop in the area”.

– Yasuo Yamashita, President said

We honor as one of your partners in bringing safe, reliability, technologically capable, and more prosperous. We offer one of the most extensive and diverse inventories of heavy equipment especially large cranes for rent in the region that enables users to complete jobs accurately and efficiently. However, if you decide to rent a high-quality machine from us, you can rest easy knowing that your choice is a wise one. Our team takes care of maintenance on rental equipment, so you can enjoy reduced service costs and downtime. Not sure which machine will best help you tackle your next LNG project? The experts at Mayon Machinery can recommend equipment based on your needs.


Benefits of Using a Mini Crawler Crane



✅ Maximum crane capacity: 4.9 t x 2.1 m

✅ Max. working radius: 14.52 m

✅ Max. lifting height: 16.35 m

✅ Two-speed functions

✅ 360° swing & virtually zero tail swing allows working in confined areas

✅ Clean environmentally diesel engine

✅ Comfortable in the air-conditioned quiet cab

✅ Large unobstructed panoramic window allows excellent visibility adding to the safety and efficiency

✅ All components are easily accessible to simplify maintenance

✅ Rubber pads fitted for steel tracks to avoid damage to road surfaces

✅ Ideal for limited access and confined space lifting

  Maeda Mini Crawler Crane LC785-6 


What are the uses of our mini crawler cranes?

A small compact crane to hoist and place materials, while also possessing the ability to lift and travel up to 4,900kg capacity. Our Maeda mini crawler crane is equipped with rubber pads fitted for steel tracks, which are definitely a great feature to have on rough, rocky, and sandy terrain or even indoor works where restrictive floor loading requirements.

With the year-round average temperature in the Philippines being 24°–27°C, the enclosed cab of this mini crawler crane is equipped with an essential air conditioner keeping the operator cool in scorching weather.

Its extremely compact design (2.36 m wide / 2.80 m high) allows the crane to operate in extremely tight spaces. This means that this mini crawler crane can be used for work within restricted areas such as in tunnels and subway passages. The compact LC785 is the best in its class when it comes to safety on the construction site with its minimum rear overhang.

Should I Rent a Mini Crawler Crane?

Renting a mini crawler crane is ideal for:

  • Rooftop work: Lift and place heavy materials safely and precisely. The mini cranes can be lifted up to rooftops easily by tower cranes or elevators.

  • Plant, factory & automotive operations: Install new equipment and lift materials in tight spaces where overhead cranes are not available and places without enough space such as automotive manufacturers, chemical plants, and factories.

  • Sign & display panels installation: Easily navigate compact spaces like shopping malls and parking lots.

  • Aircraft maintenance and repair: Work within a hangar to replace components.

  • Marker placement: Install heavy stone memorials and monuments in tighter spaces.

  • Building construction: Access narrow areas and elevate materials to keep productivity moving.

  • Oil & gas industry: Because of its compact body, transportation to mining locations is very easy. Our mini cranes are used at oil rigs in the middle of jungles, and for resource development, refinery, gas plant, and mining facilities.

  • Railway: For material lifting and maintenance from the side of the railroad and on the railroad.
Unlimited Applications for Using a Mini Crawler Crane

Many companies choose to rent equipment rather than buy it for advantages like:

  • Affordability: Renting is a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing, especially for short-term needs. Use the savings to grow your business.

  • Equipment condition: Mayon Machinery services and maintains its rental fleet in-house. Have confidence your equipment is ready to perform at its best.

  • Task suitability: Attempting a project with the wrong equipment can lead to unplanned downtime. Stay on schedule by matching the equipment to the job.
Do I need a certified or licensed crane operator?

Yes, you can get the Heavy Equipment Operation (Crawler Crane) NC III Certification from an authorized school/center which is approved by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

At Mayon, if you rent our mini crawler cranes, we’ll also provide you with a skilled operator who is qualified by TESDA at an affordable price.

How do I choose the crane to meet my needs?

This machine was chosen because it is compact, nimble, and can maneuver quickly around the job site in the dirt and rough terrain or require non-damaging across sodded lawns or floors with fragile or sensitive tiles.

Renting a mini crawler crane at MMRI is absolutely a straightforward process. Just submit an equipment request by phone or online here, and our team will contact you shortly with questions. In some cases, we will ask for a site survey to accommodate the needs of your project accurately. After completing the site survey, our expert will help you decide which crawler crane meets your specific job requirements. Once you accept the quote and make the deposit, we’ll arrange for delivery right afterward.


Mayon Machinery Opens Flagship Depot at Cabuyao

Cabuyao City is known as “The Enterprise City of the Philippines” where Mayon Machinery (“MMRI”) decided to establish a new flagship depot.
a part of new flagship depot at Cabuyao
A part of our new stockyard at Pulo-Diezmo Road, Cabuyao, 4025 Laguna, Philippines

This expansion will be an important factor to develop Mayon Machinery’s largest depot in the Philippines which is transforming the way the company operates in the area. More machines have been purchased to supplement the new stockyard fleet, giving customers more choices as the number and variety of machines available increase compared to other stockyards across the country. There has been a focus on sustainability when sourcing new machines and the vast majority are large cranes and aerial work platforms.

Safety is the top priority for MMRI, reflected in its status as the large Philippines Equipment Rental & Sales Supplier in the area. All our operators are properly trained and educated on the risks they will face and the best practices to overcome these which proofs by formal certifications issued by TESDA. Whenever the customer requires, our expert will implement operation and safety training for rental & sales equipment with its corresponding programs.

Laemarc A. Estrada, Sales Manager of Mayon Machinery Rentrade, Inc said “Due to the immense number of Construction projects within the Private and Public Sectors in the Philippines, Our Company has initiated to increase our service capacity by bringing in more cranes and other heavy equipment together with our skilled workforce to serve the growing needs of the Economy. We are not just looking at the construction sector, but also at the industrial, mining, commercial, and power plant sector which would make an impact on the growth and development of the country”.

For more information about our fleet and services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Scissor Lifts for Logistics and Storage Operations Industry

Scissor lifts are still far from uncommon for the logistics and storage operations industry in the Philippines. Here are several of the most significant benefits of using scissor lifts in the facility for you to consider:

1.   Increased Safety

Overexertion and falls are the most common accidents when using ladders to reach heights at the facility. But with a scissor lift, accidents can be reduced. It provides much more stability than a ladder while having guardrails, a large and non-slippery platform for at least 2 people and materials, and secure anchor points to substantially decrease any fall risks. When properly implemented, scissor lifts can reduce the risk of acute injuries associated with heavy lifting like back injuries.

2.   Improved Productivity

In palletizing and loading tasks, positioning the work surface at the optimum height for the specific task can reduce cycle times and improve the efficiency of the loading operation. Multiply the reduction in cycle time over many cycles, and across multiple workstations, and you get a strong economic case for scissor lifts.

3.   Flexibility

Flexibility is essential in any facility, especially in enabling a lean workflow. Compared to similar equipment, scissor lifts offer a considerable variety, giving facilities this flexibility. Workers can use them to reach heights up to 14m to grab something more comfortably. It’s usable in virtually any circumstance whether you work outdoors or indoors thanks to its non-marking tires.

4.   Portability

Designed mobile, scissor lifts stand out among the rest aerial lifts as their exceptional portability. This portability is particularly helpful for facilities with limited budgets. Instead of buying multiple machines, they can purchase one and move it wherever they need to use them and get working immediately.

5.   Enhanced Ergonomics

Unlike ladders scissor lifts which provide higher precision can help workers avoid injury or exhaustion, increasing both safety and productivity. These machines improve ergonomics and eliminate bending and lifting and the inherent injuries associated with them.

6.   Easier Storage

Space management is a critical part of facilities management. Workplace aisles and difficult-access places are no longer an obstacle. Equipped with a narrow chassis, scissor lifts can easily pass through a standard door. You increase your maneuverability in restricted spaces due to the small turning circle and the exceptionally reduced overall dimensions while folding guard rails. This transformation drastically makes it easier to store. You can then optimize the saved space for other inventory or a new work line.

7.   Affordability

Scissor lifts are reasonably affordable whether you purchase or rent them compared to similar aerial lifts like boom lifts. Vertical lifts are typically cheaper, but also provide less functionality. Scissor lifts offer the most advantages for the lowest cost in most use cases. In that sense, scissor lifts are generally an all-around option outside of highly specific needs.

Built to take on your facility challenges
Scissor Lifts for Logistics and Storage Operations Industry
Scissor Lifts Rental for warehouse

When you consider all these benefits, it’s evident why scissor lifts have become an industry staple. They’re affordable, safe, flexible, easy to store, and can improve operational efficiency. No matter what your operations are – plant maintenance, retooling, changeovers, warehousing, accessing storage at heights or raising loads, inspection, and remodeling, both inside and outside, you can count on scissor lifts to help keep production moving. To make sure you choose the right lifts for your facilities, contact Mayon Machinery to get an effective solution for your logistics and storage operations.


Tips For Safe Forklift Operation

Forklift operators and employees working around these operations are at risk of hazards such as collisions, falls, tip-overs, and struck-by conditions. Ways to prevent these hazards for safe forklift operation include:

Forklift Operations

① Always operate the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

② Always wear a seatbelt when the forklift has one.

③ Never exceed the rated load and ensure it is stable and balanced.

④ Do not raise or lower the load while traveling.

⑤ Keep a safe distance from the platform and ramp edges.

⑥ Be aware of other vehicles in the work area.

⑦ Have clear visibility of the work area and ensure you have enough clearance when raising, loading, and operating a forklift.

⑧ Use proper footing and the handhold, if available when entering the lift.

⑨ Use horns at cross aisles and obstructed areas.

⑩ Watch for pedestrians and observe the speed limit.

⑪ Do not give rides or use the forks to lift people.

Safety Training

① Only trained and certified workers may operate a forklift.

② Ensure operators are trained on the types of trucks in use.

Forklift safety training is essential to learning how to operate a forklift safely and avoid accidents. Training ensures that operators can steer and maneuver safely, that they understand load capacity, load composition, and the limitations of the machine, and that they know how to properly secure loads.

In the Philippines, the HEAVY-EQUIPMENT OPERATION (FORKLIFT) NC II qualification consists of competencies that workers must achieve to enable them to perform tasks such as handling materials in the warehouse using the forklift.

To find the Heavy Equipment Operation (Forklift) NC II Course approved by TESDA in any location in the Philippines, please click here.

Due to prevent a serious forklift accident, at Mayon Machinery we provide forklift safety training whenever required from the rental customers to keep equipment in peak operating condition pays off in the form of less downtime and fewer budget overruns.

Forklift Maintenance
regularly maintenance machine

① Remove from service any forklift found to be in unsafe operating condition.

② Keep forklifts in clean condition; free of excess oil and grease.

③ Repair and maintain according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

test the produced voltage of the batteries
For More Information About Safe Forklift Operation