Crawler Crane for Rental

Our extensive Crawler Crane fleet has lift capacities ranging from 55 to 750 tons and is typically ideal for pick-and-carry and heavy-duty lifting applications. Our crawler crane is the best suitable for the long-term heavy lifting that requires extensive, vertical reaches, such as bridge building, general construction, shaft excavation, steel erection, pile driving, installation and maintenance of wind turbines, caissons, and so on.


Why choose Mayon Machinery?

We are successfully ranked among the topmost service providers in offering Crawler Crane Rental Services throughout the Philippines, thanks to our wide experience in many large projects to date. Our crane rentals are always in excellent maintained condition and feature the latest technology to ensure your projects the utmost safety, reliability, and cost savings.


Where can I find a heavy crane operator course or training?

You can find the official heavy crane operator courses with TESDA. They have a course designed for crawler crane operators named Heavy Equipment Operation – Crawler Crane NC II. At Mayon, we provide this training course whenever the crane rental customers need it by our vast experience & knowledge experts.


Do you have a support plate used for a crawler crane?

Yes, we do offer polyethylene plate rentals during crawler crane rentals which do not absorb water or dirt, and soiling can be easily wiped off in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, with or without lifting holes. This polyethylene plate is best used where load-bearing capacity and much mud are acute issues.


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