MRT-X 3255 Privilege Plus

Key Specs

  • Lifting capacity: 5 500 kg
  • Lifting height: 31.6 m
  • Max reach: 27.2 m
  • Engine: Mercedes – Stage 3A
  • Power: 145 kW
  • Standard Fork: 1200 L x 150 W x 50 T mm
Key Feature

The MRT-X 3255 Privilege Plus is an all-terrain rotating telehandler well suited for construction and industrial applications.  This 3-in-1 unit combines the functions of a telehandler, crane and work platform, making it a valuable asset for handling operations, while full 360° turret rotation means you can carry out various tasks without the need to move the machine.

The pentagonal cross-section allows for absolute precision when operating the boom, preserving lateral rigidity regardless of the amount of wear, which translates into greater safety for both you and your teams.  Both powerful and precise, you will not be able to do without this versatile machine.



Lifting height 31.6 m 103’7″
Lifting capacity 5500 kg 12125 lb
Max reach 27.2 m 89’2″
Drawbar pull 10500 dan 23604 lbf
Overhang 3.8 m 12’6″
Moving speed 40 kmh 24.8 mph
Length (up to the back of the fork) 8.5 m 27’10”
Total length (fork included) 9.7 m 31’10”
Wheelbase length 3.75 m 12’4″
Width 2.5 m 8’2″
Overall width (stabilizers lowered) 7.1 m 23’2″
Height 3.2 m 10’5″
Weight (unladen) 23896 kg 52880 lb
Turning radius 5.56 m 18’4″
Ground clearance 0.42 m 1’4″
Scale drawing (side view) :
Scale drawing (top view) :

Scale drawing (front/rear view) :

Energy Diesel
Engine brand Mercedes
Engine type Stage 3A
Power 197 ch 197 hp
Power 145 KW
Max. Torque @ Rotation 705 Nm @ 1600 tr/min
Number of cylinders 4
Total capacity 4.8 cm3 292.2 in3
Injection Direct
Cooling Water
Voltage 24 V
Amperage 120 Ah
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Pressure 350 bars
Hydraulic oil tank volume 297 l 78 gal
Standard tyres Pneumatic
Number of wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Number of drive wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Number of steering wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Parking brake Automatic negative handbrake
Driving position noise levels 80 dB
Environmental noise levels 106 dB
Vibrations affecting hands/arms <2.50 m/s

Must-have attachments:

Extensible Platform

Expandable Platform

  • Maximum safety in people uplifting
  • Legally approved for 3 persons
  • Reinforced and galvanized structure
  • Overload sensor
  • Non-slip metal flooring

Aerial Jib 2

Aerial Jib 2

  • Maximum safety in people uplifting
  • Positive and negative work area, 340° boom rotation
  • Legally approved for 2 persons

Frame mounted hook

Frame Mounted Hook 

  • A very compact attachment that preserves machine’s stability
  • Safety: homologated swivel self-locking hook
  • Basic attachment for safe suspended load handling



  • 2 forward reach possible for more flexibility in performing daily works
  • Safety: homologated swivel self-locking hook

PT 2000

Extension Jib with Winch

  • Perfect for transporting and placing beams, frames
  • Design that improves the forward reach of the telehandler
  • Turn your telehandler into a crane
  • Safety: limit sensor up and down
  • Safety: homologated swivel self-locking hook

Standard equipment:

  • Battery 12V – 180 AH – 1200A
  • Fixed towing bar
  • Return piping to hydraulic oil tank
  • Hydraulic line for attachment with fast coupling 
  • Attachment recognition system (E-reco)
  • External 24V starter kit
  • Battery cut-off
  • Easy Manager Predisposition
  • Closed Cab with heating
  • Cab inner rear view mirror
  • Roof Wiper
  • Automatic levelling of the stabilizers
  • Sheet metal lower door with electrical window
  • Electrically operated tilting seat
  • 17,5 R25 EM-60
  • Function limiting the speed of movement
  • Function limiting the working area
  • Complete road lighting (front / rear)
  • Rotating beacon
  • Tilting fork carriage PFB 50 N MT / 1320 + 2 forks 150 x 50 x 1200

Optional equipment:

  • Battery 12V – 120AH – 850A (2 units)
  • Rear electric plug
  • “MODCLE” Anti-theft device
  • “DIGICODE” Anti-theft device
  • CD MP3 car radio
  • CD MP3 Bluetooth car radio
  • Manual Air conditioning
  • Windshield protection grid
  • Camera on the top of the boom with cab screen
  • Lateral camera rear view with cab screen
  • Video cameras (on the top of the boom, right rear side, rear) with cab screen
  • Sun visor on windshield and roof
  • 4 stabilizers pads stored in a rack
  • Air supply at the top of the boom
  • Water supply at the top of the boom
  • Boom working lights (x2) on fixed part
  • R.H. and L.H. rear working light (x2) on cab
  • R.H. and L.H. front working light (x2) on cab
  • Battery charger for remote control in cab
  • 220 V electric plug with differential circuit breaker on the boom head
  • Working platform predisposition with remote control – Double battery lithium included – MANDATORY for use working platform
  • Platform with winch predisposition
  • Continuous flow hydraulics
  • Electrovalve 2 hydraulic functions on the top of the boom
  • Electrovalve 3 hydraulic functions on the top of the boom
  • Electrovalve 2 hydraulic functions on the top of the boom +Hydraulic locking on T.S.
  • Special color paints
  • Anti-perforation liquid (for 2 wheels)
  • Spare wheel for standard tyres
  • Rim spanner
  • Easy link control keypad