MHT-X 790

Key Specs

  • Lifting capacity: 9 000 kg
  • Lifting height: 6.84 m
  • Engine: John Deere – 3A
  • Power: 102 kW
  • Standard Fork: 1200 L x 200 W x 60 T mm
Key Feature

The Manitou MHT-X 790 high tonnage telehandler is specially designed for heavier, more cumbersome loads. It excels on uneven ground conditions thanks to its 4-wheel drive and steering, generous ground clearance, weight/power ratio and tractive force. Handle loads of up to 9 tonnes with a single hand with the JSM system on muddy or sandy ground with full 360° visibility.

The hydrostatic transmission and engine with controlled fuel consumption give you an effective mix of power and precision when using any of the various compatible attachments available. Easy to maintain, robust and with intuitive controls, this machine is sure to please both buyers and operators.



Lifting height 6.84 m 22’5″
Lifting capacity 9000 kg 19800 lb
Max reach 3.72 m 12’2″
Drawbar pull 10905 dan 24515 lbf
Lifting time (unladen) 9.2 s
Lowering time (unladen) 7.8 s
Boom extension time (unladen) 6.6 s
Boom retraction time (unladen) 6.1 s
Crowd 5.3 s
Dump 5.1 s
Length (up to the back of the fork) 5.27 m 17’3″
Total length (fork included) 6.47 m 21’3″
Wheelbase length 2.87 m 9’5″
Width 2.47 m 8’1″
Height 2.47 m 8’2″
Weight (unladen) 13160 kg 29013 lb
Turning radius 5.59 m 18’4″
Ground clearance 0.4 m 1’4″
Scale drawing (side view) : Scale drawing (top view) : Scale drawing (front/rear view) :
Energy Diesel
Engine brand John Deere
Engine type Stage 3A
Engine manufacturer type 4045PWX
Power 137 ch 137 hp
Power 102 KW
Max. Torque @ Rotation 545 Nm @ 1500 tr/min
Number of cylinders 4
Total capacity 4500 cm3 274.6068 in3
Injection Direct
Cooling Water
Voltage 12 V
Amperage 180 Ah
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Pressure 270 bars
Hydraulic oil tank volume 151 l 39.8 gal
Number of wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Number of drive wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Number of steering wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Number of braking wheels (front/rear) 2/2
Parking brake Automatic negative handbrake
Driving position noise levels 79.7 dB
Environmental noise levels 103 dB
Vibrations affecting hands/arms <2.5 m/s

Must-have attachments:

Slim Tyre Handler

Slim Tyre Handler

  • Compact clamp with fork-based slim designed to remove tyre even when the access is limited
  • Wide range of tyre handlers to fit to all tyre types
  • Integrated side shift & clamp rotation

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch 

  • Oil immersed negative brake for low running costs
  • Double / quadruple (for 12t and above) line pull winch for improved pulling effort
  • Standard cable guide for easy operation
  • Safety: homologated swivel self locking hook

Underground Mining Platform

Underground Mining Platform

  • Robust & shielded structure
  • Multiple protective bumpers
  • Maximal safety in people uplifting
  • Legally approved for 3 persons
  • Plain or meshed floor

Cylinder Handler

Cylinder Handler

  • Complete range of cylinder handlers
  • 6 combined movements for more accuracy
  • 2 types of cylinder upholding for more adaptability: clamps (CH 10) or cables (CH 4)

Re-Handling Bucket

General Purpose Bucket

  • Can handle material with a density of ≤ 2,100 kg / m3
  • Perfect for handling cereals, manure, dirt, gravel, etc.
  • Heavy duty structure (base, blades and sides)
  • Levelling plate for greater accuracy
  • Optional bolt-on wear plate LDR on specific models
  • TSDL version: mandatory for machines equipped with an integrated side shift carriage (TSDL)

Standard equipment:

  • Battery 12V – 180 AH – 1200A
  • Attachments hooking bar Ø 30 mm
  • Hydraulic line for attachment with fast coupling
  • Battery cut-off
  • Closed Cab with heating and air conditioning
  • Door with electric window
  • Cloth seat
  • Audio warning in reverse
  • Complete road lighting (front / rear)
  • Reversing light
  • Rotating beacon
  • Easy Link Manager Predisposition
  • Load State Monitoring System 3B6
  • Manual towing hitch
  • 445/65 R22,5 TL AGP 23 AEOLUS Tyres
  • Floating forks carriage on T.S. TFF MT / 1425 + 2 forks 200*60*1200 

Optional equipment:

  • Roof Wiper
  • Heated high luxe seat in fabric
  • System with attachment recognition system (E-reco)
  • Rear electric plug
  • Tuner radio
  • CD MP3 car radio
  • CD MP3 Bluetooth car radio
  • Air conditioning (including rear working lights)
  • Roof Wiper
  • Lateral wiper
  • Windshield protection grid
  • Sun visor on the roof and windshield 
    Pneumatic cloth seat
  • Low frequency pneumatic seat with heating
  • Inner rear-view mirror
  • System with attachment recognition system (E-reco) with/ without working platform predisposition
  • Reinforced shaft
  • Maritime packing
  • R.H. and L.H. front working light (x2)
  • R.H. and L.H. front working lights LED (x2)
  • R.H. and L.H. rear working light (x2)
  • Boom working lights (x2) on fixed part
  • Working platform predisposition with remote control (suitable also for telescope movements and hydraulic attachments operating) Double battery included MANDATORY to use working platform.
  • Clamp predisposition (including clamp controls from cab)
  • Clamp predisposition including clamp controls from cab (Working platform predisposition with remote control mandatory)
  • Boom suspension – “CRC” Comfort Ride Control
  • Return piping to hydraulic oil tank
  • Electrovalve 3 hydraulic functions on the top of the boom
  • Attachment hydraulic locking
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Special color paints
  • Front foam filled tyres 
  • Antiperforation liquid 
  • Rims spanner
  • Spare wheel for standard tyres
  • 18 R22,5 XF 1E TL MICHELIN tyres