Manitou – Multipurpose Telehandler, Forklift, Skid Loader in the Philippines

Manitou has played a crucial role in increasing the company’s worldwide recognition, supplying a diverse portfolio of products to the mining, construction, agriculture, timber, warehousing, and defense sectors. Manitou designs and manufactures a wide range of forklifts, telehandlers and skid steers loader recognized for their safety, performance, and reliability to meet Philippines customer’s demands.
At Mayon Machinery, quality not only means world-class machinery like Manitou products. When it comes to customer service as well, you can always rely on us, whether it involves commissioning, maintenance and inspection or supply of spare parts.


With a range of 6 to 18 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 6 tons, fixed telehandlers have applications in the construction industry as well as agriculture. Manitou offers the most complete product range to meet all of these sectors’ needs. A large number of attachments (bucket, jib, winch, etc.) are available for Manitou telehandlers, enabling them to be used for a broad range of applications.


The rotating telehandlers quite simply allow loads or people to be lifted to heights varying from 14 to 32 meters with a capacity of up to 7 tons, making them the highest-capacity telehandlers in the world. The very broad range of attachments available and the 360° rotation make them the most general-purpose machines for any construction site, including the production of artworks.


The rough terrain masted forklift trucks are the ideal product for outdoor applications where stability and maneuverability are essential. With a capacity of 2.6 to 7 tons, they are designed to work on any terrain. These rough terrain forklift trucks are used to transport long, bulky and heavy loads everywhere. Sturdy and simple to use, they are comfortable on the most rugged terrains.



Manitou designs and develops a wide range of products for use in industrial handling: – semi-industrial masted forklift trucks for use both in outdoor environments on unstable ground (sidewalks, graveled surfaces, etc.) and inside buildings or warehouses, – internal combustion industrial forklift trucks are capable of moving on fully stabilized ground, outdoors, – electric industrial forklift trucks for indoor use.

MI 25 G

The “Manitransit” forklift trucks are compact forklifts that use telescopic booms or masts aimed at responding to the handling needs of truckers. The days of waiting for a forklift truck to become available before unloading are over. A forklift mounted directly on the truck gives the trucker total autonomy and provides a complete handling service.


Warehousing equipment is for warehouse handling activities. Numerous adaptations allow the equipment to be used for specific purposes.


Skid-steers are highly agile and compact handling products. They are steered by locking the wheels on one side of the machine, allowing them to pivot 360° on the spot. Their small size means they can be used in cluttered environments. These simple, robust machines can be equipped with multiple attachments, enabling them to be used for a wide range of applications. The main businesses using skid-steers are the construction and agricultural sectors, and to a lesser extent, the industrial sector.


Manitou backhoe loaders combine power, the precision of movement, robustness, and high crossing capacity. Equipped with a particularly resistant structure and 4-wheel drive transmission, they assist you in all your excavation, backfilling, digging, and material transport operations. Use their attachment system to change attachments in a few minutes, and get a solution adapted to each problem! Manitou backhoe loaders meet the requirements of construction and agricultural professionals.

Manitou designs a wide selection of aerial work platforms for industrial and construction professionals. Whether a need for all-terrain or industrial, our high-performance aerial work platforms are capable of transporting one or more operators, depending on the model, in optimal conditions of comfort and safety.

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