Manitou Telehandlers for the Philippines Mining Industry

The Philippines is the fifth most mineralized country in the world, with the third-largest deposits of gold, fourth for copper, fifth for nickel and sixth for chromite. The country has 44 mining companies of which 37 are operating mines – six gold mines, three copper mines, and 28 nickel mines – as well as 65 non-metallic mining companies.

The mining companies said the production was affected by unscheduled maintenance of some mining equipment and accidents during operation. This hit against growth to the local mining industry in general and the Philippine economy in particular.

Nowadays the new technologies and innovations have provided by Manitou to ensure greater efficiency, improve safety, meet compliance mine requirements in the Philippines.


Essential for the productivity of your operations; the inspection and maintenance of your sites is a priority. The regular replacement of wheels, cylinders, engines, hydraulic pumps or track rollers through to the daily maintenance of buildings, you need multitasking equipment that can be used in all situations. The Manitou Mining MT-X, MHT-X telehandlers are manufactured in our production facilities in France and in Italy. They are fitted with dedicated mining equipment and facilitate your jobs in every kind of application inside the mine.

A complete range of tools adapted to industry and mining

Manitou telehandlers are truly adaptable tool carriers, as the specially designed attachments can easily be added depending on your needs. We have a range of Manitou approved attachments that are fully compatible with our machines.

Surface mining

Underground mining

Responding to the needs of the Philippines Mining Industry, Manitou telehandlers allow the Philippines to continue pursuing its mining potential to the fullest extent, for the betterment of the national economy.


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MEWPs Effect On The Philippines Rental Market

Before MEWP’s (AWP), scaffolding was the main form of a solution on a work site in the construction, petrochemical and industrial sectors when working at height. Today, the rise of new and cutting-edge technology is advancing construction equipment more modern and safety, enabling better quality work, along with timely completion of projects.

MEWPs have a number of advantages over scaffolding systems:

    • A self-propelled MEWP can be driven to the worksite to begin work. Scaffolding must be manually transported to the worksite after curbside delivery and may require coordination with a third party that specializes in the erecting/dismantling of scaffolding systems.
    • MEWPs allow for most jobs to be completed in the same or less time, with fewer workers than scaffolding requires. The less time the workers have to spend assembling, climbing up while carrying tools/supplies and navigating around scaffolding, the more time, energy and productivity is focused on getting the actual project done.
    • MEWPs are highly maneuverable and can reach restricted areas efficiently where scaffolding simply can’t get to.
    • MEWPs provide guardrail systems which are meant to support fall protection measures and differ from scaffolding in that it provides the safety that moves with the operator/occupants.
    • A major benefit of self-propelled lift is their ability to work every terrain and job site but not scaffolding.

Therefore, MEWPs are the cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to consider making the switch such traditional methods.

“What happens if the machine stops working? Will they fail to deliver the machine at the expense of my construction project? What about after-sales services?”. Those questions are the customer’s concerns and MAYON assured to offer 24/7 support throughout the entire rental/sales process.


Head Office: 3rd Floor P & J Building, Lot 32, Blk. 69 M. Roxas Street, Corner Bayani Road AFPOVAI Phase 4, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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We’ve all thought it before…“it won’t happen to me”

While this confidence may come in many variations, it’s often the cause of us arrogantly brushing off common safety initiatives. Every time our confidence fuels the decision to not take even minor safety precautions, we’re actively choosing the option with the most risk associated with it.

Be sure to be trained properly will help you prevent the risks and confident to say “it won’t happen to me”.


For furthermore knowledge or training schedule, please contact us to get advice and server the training for AWP, telehandler, forklift, etc at or +63(2) 776 0254



Become the official distributor of Hitachi Sumitomo in Philippines

As time has gone on, MAYON MACHINERY has continued to grow its rental business in Philippines market since 2014. With the aim to be the leading solution provider to the construction industry, the distributor agreement between MAYON and HITACHI SUMITOMO (HSC nowadays) has been settled to expand the market with innovative technologies and high-quality products.

Bring crawler cranes from HITACHI SUMITOMO, MAYON MACHINERY expects to deliver excellent mobility machines over soft surfaces from construction to civil engineering and port cargo handling. Under the term of the distributor agreement, MAYON MACHINERY will have sales and marketing rights to HITACHI SUMITOMO’s Crawler Crane Lineup in the Philippines.

“With more than 60 years foundation from the holding companies in Japan, we are tremendously excited at the opportunity to expand the market with HITACHI SUMITOMO. This agreement is more accessible for our partners and customers in the Philippines to work with us”, said the president Yasuo Yamashita.


Why are spider lifts becoming so popular?

With its rubber non-marking tracks, variable widths, leveling capability and multiple power sources, you might be forgiven for thinking that the spider lift is a ‘jack of all trades’ platform, suggesting that it only does everything adequately but this could not be farther from the truth and is more than a little unfair as the spider lift is actually the best machine for so many applications and apart from the needs of its outriggers, has very few down sides.

Often the main problem for many mobile work platforms is getting close to the point of work. The spider lift’s compact dimensions and low weight not only helps make it easier to transport –  with models up to about 22 meters able to be towed behind a 4×4 on a standard equipment trailer – but it also means that it is also able to travel down narrow aisles or passageways, through standard doors, up and down stairs and steep inclines and can cross some of the roughest terrain. And then once in position the outriggers can level the machine up even on very significant slopes. One of the spider lift’s few downsides is that while it can drive into very tight situations, it does need considerable space to deploy its legs, although models with variable leg positions help with this. Spider lifts are also among the first aerial work platforms to incorporate lithium ion battery power, often in conjunction with an internal combustion engine to create a type of hybrid machine.

When working indoors their relatively low weight and crawler undercarriage results in a low ground bearing pressure and the non-marking tracks allows them to operate without damaging delicate floors or surfaces. This go anywhere ability means that the spider lift is becoming the platform of choice for a number of applications from window installation to bridge inspection and tree care particularly with local authorities and public utilities.

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