200tons All Terrain Crane For Rent At Coal-Fired Power Plant In Calaca, Batangas

There are 28 coal-fired power plants currently operating throughout the Philippines, with a total installed capacity of 9.88 gigawatts. South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation (SLTEC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AC Energy Corporation (ACEN) that owns and operates a 244MW coal-fired power plant in Calaca, Batangas, bringing additional power supply to the Luzon grid.

Coal-Fired Power Plant in Calaca, Batangas

Lifting of air preheater for SLTEC in Calaca, Batangas by using Mayon Machinery’s Kato KA-2000 200tons All Terrain Crane:

Kato KA-2000 200tons All Terrain Crane
Coal-Fired Power Plant In Calaca, Batangas

200tons All Terrain Crane Kato KA-2000 for rent with lifting capacity up to 200t is perfect to use at large projects highly adaptable for a variety of situations such as the installation of oil and gas pipelines, the erection of wind turbines, the lifting of heavy pre-cast concrete building segments and other construction and heavy haulage applications. Its wheel tires system provides superior off-road mobility around workplaces and is even able to be driven on the asphalt roads and highways compared with crawler cranes.

General specifications of All Terrain Crane Kato KA – 2000:

No need to worry about your heavy lifting activities, you can rely on Mayon. We offer various heavy equipment for rentals that will surely suit your lifting needs safely and properly with trained and certified operators.

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What’s The Trend of the Philippines Heavy Equipment Rental Industry?

The trend of renting instead of purchasing heavy machinery has proven to be beneficial for companies of all sizes across numerous industries, less administrative overhead along with reduced expense and maintenance anticipated to drive the Philippines heavy equipment rental industry during Covid-19.

To what extent is the Covid-19-induced recession impacting rental industry in the Philippines?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an immediate drop in purchasing spending from the aviation industry, industrial, construction, transportation & government project spending. They have to deal with the budgetary needs while their business to a halt for lost demand (or purchasing power) by the onslaught of the pandemic. The rental rates of the Philippine rental equipment market have down slightly in 2020-2021. At the same time, however, the disruption of the pandemic is giving rise to new opportunities, and the rental market has the chance to establish a firstmover advantage as the customers rent the equipment instead of purchasing new one more than ever before.

The rental equipment market can be segmented on the basis of type (Party and Event equipment, General Tools & Construction and Industrial Equipment) and industry (Oil & Gas Industry, Construction Industry, Mining Industry & Power Industry). The construction and Industrial rental equipment market can be further segmented on the basis of type (Earthmoving Machinery, Material Handling Machinery, MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) and Concrete Road Construction).

Let’s take a look with us at Rental’s role through three of the most significant advantages:

Rental Advantage #1 – Cash Flow Management 

One of rental’s biggest impacts is flexibility in managing cash flow. Payments on a purchased machine must be made whether the machine is being used or not. If available jobs shift and the machine is no longer needed, it can quickly become a troubling liability. When the backlog is uncertain, rental eliminates the capital investment required for a purchase and contractors can return unneeded machines if jobs change.

Rental Advantage #2 – Nimble Equipment Fleet 

Speaking of jobs changing, that same flexibility allows for quick restructuring of an equipment fleet. Part of the creative adaptation to uncertainty means contractors may look to take on different types of jobs, ones they may not have historically pursued. Often, this may mean acquiring equipment not typically found in the fleet. By augmenting a fleet with rental machines, equipment can be swapped and added quickly while tying up less cash than in an entirely owned fleet.

Rental Advantage #3 – Renting to Own 

Even amid uncertainty, thinking strategically means looking beyond just today. With many rental providers offering rent-to-purchase options, contractors can manage through short-term uncertainty while still adhering to a long-term plan. If the odds are likely that a rented machine will be purchased later, terms and pricing can be built into the rental agreement, allowing customers to invest in the eventual purchase while renting the machine.

Having been in the Philippines rental market for over 7 years and experience from the large mother company in Japan for more than 60 years, Mayon Machinery has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of equipment and the best service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Have you got a short-term/long-term equipment rental need now? Consult us today! We will be glad to serve you.


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Manitou – Multipurpose Telehandler, Forklift, Skid Loader in the Philippines

Manitou has played a crucial role in increasing the company’s worldwide recognition, supplying a diverse portfolio of products to the mining, construction, agriculture, timber, warehousing, and defense sectors. Manitou designs and manufactures a wide range of forklifts, telehandlers and skid steers loader recognized for their safety, performance, and reliability to meet Philippines customer’s demands.
At Mayon Machinery, quality not only means world-class machinery like Manitou products. When it comes to customer service as well, you can always rely on us, whether it involves commissioning, maintenance and inspection or supply of spare parts.


With a range of 6 to 18 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 6 tons, fixed telehandlers have applications in the construction industry as well as agriculture. Manitou offers the most complete product range to meet all of these sectors’ needs. A large number of attachments (bucket, jib, winch, etc.) are available for Manitou telehandlers, enabling them to be used for a broad range of applications.


The rotating telehandlers quite simply allow loads or people to be lifted to heights varying from 14 to 32 meters with a capacity of up to 7 tons, making them the highest-capacity telehandlers in the world. The very broad range of attachments available and the 360° rotation make them the most general-purpose machines for any construction site, including the production of artworks.


The rough terrain masted forklift trucks are the ideal product for outdoor applications where stability and maneuverability are essential. With a capacity of 2.6 to 7 tons, they are designed to work on any terrain. These rough terrain forklift trucks are used to transport long, bulky and heavy loads everywhere. Sturdy and simple to use, they are comfortable on the most rugged terrains.



Manitou designs and develops a wide range of products for use in industrial handling: – semi-industrial masted forklift trucks for use both in outdoor environments on unstable ground (sidewalks, graveled surfaces, etc.) and inside buildings or warehouses, – internal combustion industrial forklift trucks are capable of moving on fully stabilized ground, outdoors, – electric industrial forklift trucks for indoor use.

MI 25 G

The “Manitransit” forklift trucks are compact forklifts that use telescopic booms or masts aimed at responding to the handling needs of truckers. The days of waiting for a forklift truck to become available before unloading are over. A forklift mounted directly on the truck gives the trucker total autonomy and provides a complete handling service.


Warehousing equipment is for warehouse handling activities. Numerous adaptations allow the equipment to be used for specific purposes.


Skid-steers are highly agile and compact handling products. They are steered by locking the wheels on one side of the machine, allowing them to pivot 360° on the spot. Their small size means they can be used in cluttered environments. These simple, robust machines can be equipped with multiple attachments, enabling them to be used for a wide range of applications. The main businesses using skid-steers are the construction and agricultural sectors, and to a lesser extent, the industrial sector.


Manitou backhoe loaders combine power, the precision of movement, robustness, and high crossing capacity. Equipped with a particularly resistant structure and 4-wheel drive transmission, they assist you in all your excavation, backfilling, digging, and material transport operations. Use their attachment system to change attachments in a few minutes, and get a solution adapted to each problem! Manitou backhoe loaders meet the requirements of construction and agricultural professionals.

Manitou designs a wide selection of aerial work platforms for industrial and construction professionals. Whether a need for all-terrain or industrial, our high-performance aerial work platforms are capable of transporting one or more operators, depending on the model, in optimal conditions of comfort and safety.


Manitou Telehandlers for the Philippines Mining Industry

The Philippines is the fifth most mineralized country in the world, with the third-largest deposits of gold, fourth for copper, fifth for nickel and sixth for chromite. The country has 44 mining companies of which 37 are operating mines – six gold mines, three copper mines, and 28 nickel mines – as well as 65 non-metallic mining companies.

The mining companies said the production was affected by unscheduled maintenance of some mining equipment and accidents during operation. This hit against growth to the local mining industry in general and the Philippine economy in particular.

Nowadays the new technologies and innovations have provided by Manitou to ensure greater efficiency, improve safety, meet compliance mine requirements in the Philippines.


Essential for the productivity of your operations; the inspection and maintenance of your sites is a priority. The regular replacement of wheels, cylinders, engines, hydraulic pumps or track rollers through to the daily maintenance of buildings, you need multitasking equipment that can be used in all situations. The Manitou Mining MT-X, MHT-X telehandlers are manufactured in our production facilities in France and in Italy. They are fitted with dedicated mining equipment and facilitate your jobs in every kind of application inside the mine.

A complete range of tools adapted to industry and mining

Manitou telehandlers are truly adaptable tool carriers, as the specially designed attachments can easily be added depending on your needs. We have a range of Manitou approved attachments that are fully compatible with our machines.

Surface mining

Underground mining

Responding to the needs of the Philippines Mining Industry, Manitou telehandlers allow the Philippines to continue pursuing its mining potential to the fullest extent, for the betterment of the national economy.


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MEWPs Effect On The Philippines Rental Market

Before MEWP’s (AWP), scaffolding was the main form of a solution on a work site in the construction, petrochemical and industrial sectors when working at height. Today, the rise of new and cutting-edge technology is advancing construction equipment more modern and safety, enabling better quality work, along with timely completion of projects.

MEWPs have a number of advantages over scaffolding systems:

    • A self-propelled MEWP can be driven to the worksite to begin work. Scaffolding must be manually transported to the worksite after curbside delivery and may require coordination with a third party that specializes in the erecting/dismantling of scaffolding systems.
    • MEWPs allow for most jobs to be completed in the same or less time, with fewer workers than scaffolding requires. The less time the workers have to spend assembling, climbing up while carrying tools/supplies and navigating around scaffolding, the more time, energy and productivity is focused on getting the actual project done.
    • MEWPs are highly maneuverable and can reach restricted areas efficiently where scaffolding simply can’t get to.
    • MEWPs provide guardrail systems which are meant to support fall protection measures and differ from scaffolding in that it provides the safety that moves with the operator/occupants.
    • A major benefit of self-propelled lift is their ability to work every terrain and job site but not scaffolding.

Therefore, MEWPs are the cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to consider making the switch such traditional methods.

“What happens if the machine stops working? Will they fail to deliver the machine at the expense of my construction project? What about after-sales services?”. Those questions are the customer’s concerns and MAYON assured to offer 24/7 support throughout the entire rental/sales process.


Head Office: 3rd Floor P & J Building, Lot 32, Blk. 69 M. Roxas Street, Corner Bayani Road AFPOVAI Phase 4, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

☎️ +63 (2) 776 0254 | 📩 info@mayonmachinery.com

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